Digital Scrapbooking | June 2013

I can hardly understand it, but this is the last day of the month – how did it get here this fast?! As usual I want to share with you a couple of Digital Scrapbook layouts done for the Daily Digi with the files for this month. I’m a part of the team there, thankfully! These days I don’t scrapbook much else, but being a part of the team I get to scrap at least two each and every month.

This one was prompted by some disturbing news about the house we are renting and thoughts about the future, not all changes are bad ones – even though it didn’t look good in the beginning! But, off course, they take some time getting used too:
Credits: Papers and elements from Changes by Cilenia Curtis (as part of The Digi Files of June 2013), fonts: Soymilk and American Typewriter

The kits theme inspired me to look for beach photos and I found this gem from 2009:
sandy bliss
credits: papers and elements from Sal de Mar by Studio Vi Va Artistry (as part of the digi files for June 2013), font: American Typewriter

Since I did not post my layouts in May, I’ll add them here – the kits are now not for sale at the daily digi but they can be found in the designers own stores for individual purchases.

Favorite instagram photos from the lake last year:
By The Lake
credits: papers and elements from Modern Mama by Miss Mint, font is Curier New

Spring flowers and spring thoughts:
spring thoughts
credits: papers and elements from Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett, font is Courier New

That was all I had to share this time. July is right around the corner and soon new designers and new kits will be revealed at the daily digi – and new layouts for me to share here. Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Thanks for looking. See you around!

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The Daily Digi | May layout #1

Every month I get to scrap with some of the most gorgeous kits from various designers in the digi community. I love being a part of The Daily Digi Team – and most of the pages I do for them ends up becomming some of my all time favorites. Below is a look at one I did for the May edition of The Digi Files, using a kit from Vicki Stegall.

Credits: papers and elements from Butterfly Kisses by Vicki Stegall, part of The Daily Digi for the month of May 2012; template by Janet Phillips; font: appelberry

I love that face! Have you been snapping or scrapping something lately of someone or something that you really love?


The Daily Digi | My April Layouts

As most of you that have been reading this blog for any length (and, by the way, thank you so much for coming back!) of time know, I’m on the team for The Daily Digi.

Cool –> I know! I love it there.

Lately I haven’t been good about sharing my layouts here, though, but since I am on a roll here (posting more than once each moth. ahem.), I’m going to share with you what I made with this month’s products. And then, off course, highly recommend the files it to you if you have a few bucks to spare. They also have a great manual for how to scrap digitally, you can find more about it by clicking this image:

Ok. So lets talk layouts.

This one is kind of special to me, because this drawing underneath is MT’s first (and so far only) drawing made in Photoshop Elements. It was fun to teach him about the program (layers and tools and such) and I was amazed about how much he understood right away (it took me weeks to get the grips of layers – he took to it within minutes!). I decided to write this one in our own language (= Norwegian of the nynorsk kind) since MT really doesn’t read and understand English all that well – and I guess he will find this one fun to read and show.

Kilimanjaro - what he made
Credits: papers and elements from She by Dunia designs, as part of the digi files of April 2012. Fonts: handwriting-draft (free version) + American Typewriter.

The other one is about my need for ORANGE in my life when the winter has been going on for too long and it’s been months since I got sunshine in through my kitchen window.

Credits: papers and elements from On This Day by  Christine Chodil,  part of the digi files of April 2012. Font: Palation and Traveling Typewriter.

…….. ……… ………
We’re having a quiet Friday afternoon around here. MT have just watched a movie, now he’s sitting by me here in the sofa drawing dinosaurs (I think he got inspired watching Ice Age 3. LOL). I’m still nursing my cold, but feel so much better today. It’s been a good day.

Wish you all a good weekend. Hope to see you soon.

I am Scrapbooking | The Daily Digi

Hello Beautiful Fall

It is the last day of the month and the last day to snatch the digi files for the month of October. I had so much fun playing with them, and I want to share what I made with the files. Thanks for looking :)

Hello Beautiful Fall | left side

Hello Beautiful Fall | right side
Credits: papers, alpha and elements from Isn’t She Lovely by Zoe Pearn | template by Yin | font: Pea Annie and Herculanum | Words: I went for a little walk yesterday and brought my camera. I’ve really not been okay saying farewell to summer, but now as September is here I feel that I’m ready to embrace the new season approaching. Yesterday I tried to find the beauty in the changes. Thankfully it was a warm and sunshiny day, after so much rain in August it felt almost as a relief. I guess we have more rain coming, but just now I want to enjoy this new month and the new season. Hoping for good things to happen.

Photos taken from this blogpost from September 2nd of this year. I knew the photos had to be included in a scrapbook double spread somehow and I am so glad to have made this. I tend to scrap quite a few of my blog posts, sometimes it is the words that is important to me other times, like with this page above, it is the photos that inspires me.

A few days ago Katie wrote a post on The Daily Digi about this; journaling from blog posts and status updates. Go read it and use it for some easy journaling in your pages.

* BE ME! *
Be Me.
Credits: alpha, papers and elements from Authenticity by Secret Stash Designs | font: Pea Sugar Noodles | Words: Sometimes I’m not so happy with who I am. Sometimes I doubt my self. Sometimes I think the world don’t need me. Sometimes I feel like I need to change in order to be loved and met with understanding. Sometimes I try to be someone I’m not. Sometimes I forget that I was created unique. That I was meant to be me.

Photos from last year, taken in our hallway mirror. The elements from the kit inspired the words. I really, really want my life to be like the words on the tag by the big photo. And to be true to my self and what I am is a daily joy and struggle.

I love to scrap about my kid and the farm and more, but every once in a while I try to scrap about myself, I can’t scrap all this pages about us as a family and then say nothing about me, now can I? And who else can tell my story better than I can?

where your heart is.
Credits: papers and elements from Innocence by Wild Blueberry Ink and Every Day of the Year by Sugarplum Paperie | font: Gimme Space and Pea Sugar Noodles | Words: I pass this heart (every day) on my way to and from the office. The first time I saw it I caught my breath and was amazed, both about the simple beauty and by the strong symbol for everyone driving by. Later it got me thinking about this saying I love: Your home is where your [heart] is.

I’ve been driving by this heart so many days. I am so glad I finally got time to stop and take a little photo of it. It deserved a page all to itself! Love all the thoughts this heart gave me over the weeks.

I am so happy to be a part of The Daily Digi Team and so glad to be working with the files every month (we do this early, so these pages were done in the beginning of September). As mentioned about this is the very last day these files are available, so if you want to check them out click the banner below (affiliate link, using it supports this blog – THANKS!) and jump over to The Digi Game before midnight. There is also a giveaway going on at their blog, be sure to put your name in the draw and comment on this post.

Lastly here are a few links to my favorite posts from The Daily Digi site this month:

* The Friday Funtastic posts (I’m linking to the last one, some of the deals are still available).
* Digi Scrapping Monochromatic Layours
* Digi Scrapping Your Job
* Organize Your Bookmarks
* Why I Don’t Delete Photos
* Designing Word Focused Pages
* How To Photograph Spooky Halloween Photos


Wishing you a good and sweet Monday!!

A Digital Scrapbook page | Coffee

Today there is a new kit revealed @ The Daily Digi. It’s part of this month’s The Digi Game. I got to work with the kit last month and was inspired to document my morning coffee habits:

Coffee in the Morning
Credits: papers and elements from Cherish by Studio Vivarant as part of The Digi Game of May 2011, template by me.

Coffee in the morning is just the right thing for me. I can’t drink it on empty stomach, but after I’ve had my breakfast I’m ready for some black gold.

I really love the papers and the stamps included in this kit and I love how it all blends together. I usually don’t have lots of elements on my pages, but I was so glad to find some great stitches that I could use. Stitches are one of my favorite scrapbooking elements.


Do you have a favorite element/embellishments or tool?

Please share in the comments :D

A Digi Layout & A Poll

Hi there! Hope your Monday is good – mine came with sunshine and warm weather. I’m writing this while sitting outside as the afternoon sun sets, this is my favorite kind of Spring weather!

As my kid runs around, having fun playing with the neighboring kids, I have a couple of things to share:

First I wanted to tell you that The Daily Digi have another reveal today so I can finally show you one of the layouts I made for The April Digi Files  (sometimes it’s so hard to not share right away, but here is my last layout for this month – several more to come in May). I used alpha, elements and papers from Libby Pritchett Designs. You can learn more about The Digi Files and membership options here: The Digi Game (affiliate link).

(credits by clicking image).

I loved making this page and I love how it works just right, even though I didn’t use the traditional red, blue and white colors for our National Day Celebration (May 17th). I wanted to include so much more than just a report back from a great day celebrated with my kid, friends and family. I wanted to tell about the feeling of visiting my future work space before even sending in the application. It was a time in our life with big changes. Changes for good! It felt so great to capture all that on one digital scrapbook page. And that is a good example of why I really love scrapbooking. It’s not all about photos and great products; it gives me a way to capture the small (but of course highly important) every day events side by side with the big life changing happenings. I’ve been digital scrapbooking for the last 3 years and can’t imagine my life without it. There is always more stories to tell :D

Secondly I wanted to tell you that I’m working on growing my blogging skills and have joined Shimelle’s class ‘Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers‘, the class started today and I’ve done a few tweaks behind the scene already (following the prompt of the day).

Now I would like to invite you to take part of a poll, just for fun. I really want to learn more about my readers (and to figure out if there are any of you left out here after the silence of this blog from November to March. LOL. Ok, I know there is a few – thank you for hanging in there!). So here it goes:

The world has just too many countries for me to try and mention them all so I went with the continents, but I would love it if you dropped me a comment with a little bit more info about the place you are living and maybe even a little about the weather you’re having right now.

Thanks for playing with me!
I guess you’ll see more evidence from me taking Shimelle’s class these weeks.
Consider yourself warned ;)

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