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As most of you that have been reading this blog for any length (and, by the way, thank you so much for coming back!) of time know, I’m on the team for The Daily Digi.

Cool –> I know! I love it there.

Lately I haven’t been good about sharing my layouts here, though, but since I am on a roll here (posting more than once each moth. ahem.), I’m going to share with you what I made with this month’s products. And then, off course, highly recommend the files it to you if you have a few bucks to spare. They also have a great manual for how to scrap digitally, you can find more about it by clicking this image:

Ok. So lets talk layouts.

This one is kind of special to me, because this drawing underneath is MT’s first (and so far only) drawing made in Photoshop Elements. It was fun to teach him about the program (layers and tools and such) and I was amazed about how much he understood right away (it took me weeks to get the grips of layers – he took to it within minutes!). I decided to write this one in our own language (= Norwegian of the nynorsk kind) since MT really doesn’t read and understand English all that well – and I guess he will find this one fun to read and show.

Kilimanjaro - what he made
Credits: papers and elements from She by Dunia designs, as part of the digi files of April 2012. Fonts: handwriting-draft (free version) + American Typewriter.

The other one is about my need for ORANGE in my life when the winter has been going on for too long and it’s been months since I got sunshine in through my kitchen window.

Credits: papers and elements from On This Day by  Christine Chodil,  part of the digi files of April 2012. Font: Palation and Traveling Typewriter.

…….. ……… ………
We’re having a quiet Friday afternoon around here. MT have just watched a movie, now he’s sitting by me here in the sofa drawing dinosaurs (I think he got inspired watching Ice Age 3. LOL). I’m still nursing my cold, but feel so much better today. It’s been a good day.

Wish you all a good weekend. Hope to see you soon.

Layouts to Share | The Daily Digi

It’s the last day of the month and I wanted to give a plug for The Digi Files from The Daily Digi. And to show off the layouts I made for July (off course). I’ll squish it in here in between all the Week In The Life stuff going on right now 😀

MT were beyond thrilled about his new bike.


The Big Boy Bike
credits: template, papers and elements from A Day At The Beach by Lilypad designers as part of The Digi Files for July 2011 | font: Typewriter Scribbled and 28 Days Later

When I got there you met me with the usual: ‘What are you doing here so early?!’ I saw a little anger in your eyes, you really don’t want me to pick you up until the closing time. But this time I had to: ‘We’re going to buy you a bike’, I answered. Instantly you started smiling, from ear to ear and you started jumping around hugging you friends while shouting out: ‘I’m going to get a bike!’. And then we went out to the car and you were still bubbly happy. ‘I’m getting a new bike’. You’ve been waiting for this since your birthday in April, I think you might have worried that this day might never come. But today it did. Enjoy your new big boy bike my son :)

bought: Thursday June 9th 2011
put together: Friday June 10th 2011


first swim of the season (2011)
Credits: alpha, papers and elements from Summer Memories by Studio Rosey Posey as part of The Digi Files for July 2011 | font: Typewriter Scribbled, Scriptina and Herculanum

A good friend visiting. A little barbecue planned, by the lake. A beautiful, although slightly windy day. Some time to spend together. No reason not to dip your toes into the water. The two of you dipped your whole bodies, I might add, I stuck to the dipping my toes thing. It was a bit cold, but not too bad (again according to you brave guys, my toes felt a bit chilly…). This was an afternoon well spent! Hoping to do it again soon 😀
(June 3rd 2011, Sandvatn lake, Telemark)


Summer Lists
credits: papers, alpha and elements from by Sahlin Studio as part of The Digi Files for July 2011

* go fishing, biking or bathing with MT
* read one good book (at least)
* take lots of photos
* have breakfast in the sunshine
* go visit or get visited by family and friends
* light candles outside on a warm summer night
* barbecue in the back yard
* do ‘week in the life’ with Ali Edwards
* enjoy long light evenings
* scrapbooking

* go fishing
* go bathing
* go biking
* visit Grandma and Grandpa
* be outside
* pick flowers
* play badminton
* eat ice cream
* celebrate a birthday
* buy a baseball bat

A lot of great digital products this month as usual. Remember this is the last day to purchase the July edition of The Digi Files. Tomorrow is a new Game on.

Layouts to share | The Daily Digi

I wanted to put in a plug for The Daily Digi since it’s the last day to purchase The [May] Digi Files. If you want to learn more you can check out The Digi Game for options for subscriptions and more; so you’ll never miss another set of files.

I’ve already blogged about some of the layouts I made for The Daily Digi this month (here (bottom half of the post) and here). And here are the rest of them:

[warming up for the new] Football Season
credits: papers and elements from When The Heart Sings by Mye De Leon | template by Janet Phillips

Finally. A big boy. Last year he had to hear the other guys talk about how fun it was to be at the football cup. This year he got to join in. He counted the days the last week and couldn’t be happier about the play. No worries if they lost or won, as far as he got to run, tackle and shoot the ball it was more than enough. And the fact that we had to stay over at the hotel for the night made his smile even bigger. A hotel with a huge swimming pool I might add. Pure bliss. Next year we’re staying an extra night and mama are not going to plan so badly that she has to drive back home for work early Sunday morning, mama is staying put next year. Or so is the plan.

[hopefully] first of many
credits: papers and elements from Reach For The Sky by Lindsay Riches | template by me

[Today I spotted a beaver hive and lots of trees chewed down, to build their home in the river. I can’t wait to bring MT with me later this week to explore further.]

Last summer I walked down by the river at least twice a week. I filled my ears with favorite podcasts (mostly of the Paperclipping kind) and just put one foot in front of the other. Enjoying both days with sunshine and days with rain – and all those in between. So good to be outside, having the river as a background noise, looking at the nature around me and moving my body.

But then fall came and it got too cold. I stopped my walks. I’ve missed it, though, and now spring is here again and I’m happily back on track. Walking, not running, an hour or more. Taking it all in; the nature, the time alone, the movement, the words and laughter on my podcast. I love it. And now that the weather is a little bit warmer I’m ready to do it more often. Can hardly wait to go out there again.

Pearls of Life
credits: template from Sassy Starters vol. 16 by Nanie’s Designs| papers and elements from Reach For The Sky by Lindsay Riches

Each year I tell our church’s youths about these pearls, we make wreaths with them and start to learn their meanings both for remembering the stories of Jesus and for helping us in our prayers . I love that it is a colorful wreath that gives me something to hold on to.

My favorite pearl is the blue pearl , the pearl of joy and peace; letting things go & leave it to God to take the lead.

I really had lots of fun playing with these kits and since I’m on the team I try to do at least 3 layouts with them; this month I made five. At our place (Norway) we have only 22 minutes left for the new month to start; hoping it’ll be a good one!

Wish you all the best for June!

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