Hello Fall!

I went outside, but had to go back in to find a thicker sweater, for even though there were a little bit sunshine, there were also lots of clouds and a chill wind. September is here.

self | september 1
Sitting for a little moment by my self on the front stair @thefarm.
Me and my coffee. My favorite spot.

Embracing that fall is upon us. Hoping it’ll be warm, long and colorful.
What are your hopes for the new season?

Wishing everyone a blessed + beautiful month!

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Favorite Capture | May 20th

We had a Monday holiday in the middle of May. MT stayed with his aunt and cousin in their camper from Sunday and after church I met them at the farm. We played games together, talked together and ate together, through both sunshine and rain, staying outside most of the time. A nice day with family and a good day at the farm. I love Monday holidays 😀

MT, the dog and the farm
It’s kind of strange that we are going to live here not so long into the future. It’s a lot of things that needs to be taken care of here on the farm, but it’s also one of my very favorite places on earth. Our next big adventure. Being farmers.

Talk about daring greatly!
Favorite Capture is a series of post showcasing just ONE favorite photo. I love to show a whole lot of photos, I want to tell the full story – but sometimes, sometimes, just a photo is enough. Most photos will be new and recent, but there will also be some good old favorite photos every now and then!


December Daily | Day 3

This day was all about driving. I spent most of it behind the wheels as I helped my dad transporting some grain from the farm to a mill around 100 km north of us. I did not mind. Much. But his car was icy cold on the feet, there was something wrong with the heating system, I think, sending the warm air up but not down. After driving for several hours, I really noticed.

In the mirror Driving home Views from the mill

In the evening MT came with me to the farm again (to keep mom company, bring home some more wood and to pick up my own car). My brother was there as well (I did not know that until I came there), nice to chat a little with him – and so thankful for him being the stronger one so we actually managed to get the door, to where my dad keeps the good wood, open…

Uncle O

When we got home we lit the wood fire, but as I went to bed it was still quite cold throughout the house. I want the warmer weather back. Please! The snow is welcome, though.

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