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Today has been

Today have been good, demanding, tiering, nice, rainy, laughter, sorrow, early, late, alone, together, young, old – and a little bit too much (to be honest). So I will let the update for our Wednesday Week In The Life come tomorrow, together with the Thursday story.

I need some sleep. I’m not 17 anymore. I’m not even 30…

Hope your day was good! See you tomorrow.

Our Instagram 11.11.11

Our 11.11.11 was not a very exciting and unusual day, but it is sure to be well remembered. If I can figure out how – and if I can find some time to actually do a bit of work on it – I might have a video from our day to share as well. But not now. I’ve been shooting with both of my cameras today, both the dSLR and my iPhone. I’m in the middle of relocating my image masters from my macbook to an external hard drive, so I’m not able to upload any of the photos from my big camera right now. But the instagram photos are already at my flickr home so I wanted to share them with you all.  Tonight it is all about the instagram photos. Enjoy! And thanks for watching :D

It's official. 11.11.11 is here :) And I'm late for bed.

Taken in the bathroom right before I went to bed. It was after midnight as usual. I am a night owl for sure!

11.11.11 at 11:11

So glad I nailed it :) I almost forgot, I had plenty of other things on my mind. (Glad I didn’t had to pick it down from the wall and stage the time to get it right!!)

11.11.11 What a cool wedding date! (and, nope, not mine!)

A couple got married in church today. They were excited about having 11.11.11 as their wedding date. I would be too.

Good Night Sweetie!

About time for him to go to bed. I should not have used the flash on this one, though, but his bedroom is kind of dark and he had switched the cameras without me noticing until later tonight.

A Night Time Favorite

And as usual, a perfect ending to my day with a cup of tea and some time on my macbook.

How did you celebrate this day?! I loved Katie’s mention of eating straight looking food for dinner today. Did you do that? I’m sorry to say that we did not manage to do it, though. MT had a friend over and they wanted taco for dinner ;)

Please jump over to One Day On Earth for more 11.11.11 inspiration, photos and words.

7 Good Things Today

1. I got up bright and early to attend a webinar with Katerina Kennedy for her class Your Life: Captured through the lens. I was not sure if i could manage to get out of bed at the crazy early hour of 3 am, but i did, and it was so much fun being there with the rest of the photo crazy girls, telling what we thought about the photos and hearing Katerina describe how she feels about them as well. I was so honored to hear what she and the others had to say about a recent photo I took of MT sewing on his Great Grandma’s old sewing machine. She pointed out a few things that could have been better, but also said so much nice about the things that were good.

2. Early this morning, in my email, I found a note that said I was one of the three lucky winners to the Christmas card making class Holiday Card Boot Camp 2011 with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner. That totally made my day and reminded me that leaving a comment for these give aways (the ones I would love to win) every once in a while pay off :D So happy about that and can’t wait for it to start in the second week of November

3. I am excited for the new photo workshop with Katrina starting next week. It is called Exposure and is all about finding the right exposure for the light you are working in to get great photos. I so need to work on this and can’t wait to learn how to handle the reds and how to get the most out of the condition i shoot in.

4. Fall is in its latest stages here and we have had several days below zero. Most mornings there is a beautiful little mist of frost on the ground, some days more, some days less. I find it beautiful, but I don’t look forward to changing the tires on the car, it is a time consuming job. I should do it tomorrow, but I guess I will wait until Saturday because then I have to do it….

5. MT have started ski training again, so far without snow. He said it was fun because they got to run around the 1 kilometer path behind the school. I know for sure I would not have found that any kind of fun. The path is nice to walk, taking my time, but to run?! It goes up and down, up and down and up and down. Seeing me skiing there is enough to make even the most serious dude cry with laughter, sigh. I love that MT skis cross country like he was born with skis on his legs. I kind of envy him, but also love how much he enjoys it.

6. There are a lot of good plans going on in our church right now. One of those is a club for youths using one of my favorite hobbies to learn more about the Christian faith and the Bible stories. Can’t wait to join in getting this one off the ground.

7. Lastly let me tell about the beautiful sunset we saw while driving to the church council earlier tonight. It was all blue and several shades of pink + purple. It took all that i had not to stop and try to capture it with my iPhone. To try and catch the colors somehow.  But i had a meeting to attend to and was already running late!

So how are your days? Found something good and happy among all the everyday gray. Please share in the comments.

Today [May] | Meme

Outside my window the sun is shining.

I am thankful for that I have the day off work and will use it to help my dad a little.

From the kitchen thinking about making taco for dinner tonight.

I am wearing my PJ (still), but soon a pair of worn jeans and a jumper I don’t mind getting dirty.

I am creating mostly in my head right now, but after the busy weekend ahead I want to sit down and get a few pages done for The Daily Digi and for Sweet Tomato Designs.

I am going to be busy this weekend with lots of good church stuff. We’re having Confirmation Services for our youths and that is a BIG thing in our rural community.

I am reading very few books right now, but have placed and order for Brené Brown‘s books I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power

I am hearing a few birds singing outside.

Around the house is the normal mess. Hoping to find some time later next week to start digging, we plan on tackle the rooms by the end of the month. A little spring cleaning of sorts.

One of my favorite things is drinking a cup of coffee in the sunshine while kiddo plays football on the lawn. Hoping for a little of that on Sunday.

A few plans for the rest of the week: getting the sermon ready for the services on Sunday, driving here and there, scrapping a few pages as soon as possible, continue to taking a photo a day.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

A Quiet Day


How are your day?

Today | A Meme

Outside my window the sun is shining

I am thankful for that MT is home from school and on Easter break

From the kitchen isn’t much happening today. Guess there will be some dinner later today, maybe fish?

I am wearing my everyday jeans and sweater.

I am creating a blog post and a digital layout is always in the works.

I am going to the office later today.

I am reading blogs from fellow class mates at Shimelle’s class Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers (see yesterdays poll, and please vote if you haven’t already! Thank you :D )

I am hearing the sound of my neighbor’s chain saw. He’s making a big pile of wood for the winter to come (I’m so glad it’s a long time before it’s here again, though!)

Around the house is lots of messes, because my back isn’t too cooperative at the moment. I think it’s getting better, though. The fact that we spent a lot of the day outside yesterday didn’t help either. Nor did the few hours of blog reading in the evening… LOL.

One of my favorite things is getting sweet notes from my kid.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow we’re going to a Easter Work Shop for kids. On Friday we are celebrating MT’s 8th year birthday with family. Wow, he’s getting old! ;) We are both really looking forward to it, and we have finally agreed on the plans for the meal & cakes.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

Fence Line

at home

at home

After a really busy week (and knowing tomorrow will be a lot of work too) – we have spent the day at home doing as little as we possible can. It’s nice to have a day to just be. No dead lines, no floors to wash, no emails to send or people to meet.

Just the two of us at home. All day long.

It’s done us both some good. But now I’m ready for tomorrow. I look forward to church and the rest of the day. Hoping to see a lot of people and for many smiles to exchange.

…….  …….   ……..
And no, sorry, the comment issue aren’t fixed yet. But it will be eventually. As will my blog header (and overall design). I’m embracing. AND THE COMMENTS ARE WORKING AGAIN! YAY.

December Daily – lime version

december 4th
(Dec. 4th of my album, click image for credits and more info).

Since last year I’ve been following Ali‘s blog and especially her project December Daily. This year I promised my self to play along and document our Advent and Christmas season, I even made an album in July (!) for it – and you know what? I’m doing it, slowly (but steadily) it is taking form. I’m printing my images at home and almost everyday has a digital element of some kind.

I started the album on the 1st Sunday of Advent and it’s going through to Jan 1st. So by the end of it it’ll contain more than a month of memories. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up during the holidays, at least to put a few words down somewhere so I have a story to go with the photos. The days are busy with work and living, so we’ll see what happens – but so far I have a few things to show from the four first days of December (click images for credits and more info):

december 1th 2009 december 2nd 2009

december 3rd gingerbread cookies

I plan on taking photos of the actual album as well, as soon as I can get around to that ;) I’m also getting back to that gingerbread cookie recipe in it’s own post (with translation to English as well and maybe even some US measurements if I can manage :) ).

A few things from TODAY:

  1. got to bed to late
  2. but managed to get out of bed in time
  3. fought computer issues at work
  4. really frustrated about that – hoping everything runs smoothly tomorrow
  5. had an advent/christmas devotion at a nursing home
  6. MT came by and we both went home for some dinner
  7. and some muffins making
  8. we’ve decided that muffins makes as good a christmas cookies as any
  9. and MT loved to have a taste before we put them in the freezer
  10. I loved the tasting as well…
  11. we are reading Julemysteriet by Jostein Gaarder
  12. finally MT is old enough to understand most of the story
  13. and he loves it
  14. talked to my mom
  15. and made a blog post
  16. hoping to get to bead early (earlier….) – already missed that one, but now this is going to publish
  17. must make the card to go in the advent calendar first, though

See you around. Have a sweet Advent :)

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