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The 3 Advent stars in my windows made me smile this morning.

My December Daily album is slowly worked on when ever I can find a few spare moments. I’m feeling a little bit whiped out right now, but hoping a little sleep and a loong day at work tomorrow will get me back in the groove. ;)

I just wanted to share a few photos from the last few days. One of these days I’ll share the album as well, but I need some decent light and some time in the middle of the day to shot photos of the pages first. I think it is this that makes me love digi so much. But then I love the making of an album from scratch also, with traditional papers and glue.

Anyway, here the photos. Thanks for looking! (and if you want to read a little about the days, click the image and jump over to flickr to read), Saturday we baked and decorated gingerbread cookies, Sunday we went chasing snow and found it up high in the mountain:

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #3 | 2011 edition

December #4 | 2011 edition

December #4 | 2011 edition

Up in the mountain #decdaily

December #4 | 2011 edition

Yum. Cacao. #decdaily

December #4 | 2011 edition

Today I haven’t been snapping away like I did on Saturday and Sunday. But if you want to see what I see on a daily basis now in December keep an eye on my December Daily set at flickr.

Enjoy the Season!!

Youth work weekend

It’s been one of those weekends where I have only a few and short moments to sit down and just relax.

a big splash

So right now I feel rather empty and tired, even thought the days have been good (most of the time).

Kirkens Nødhjelp Most of my waken hours and commitment went to happenings at church. The youths gathered on Saturday for several hours, to prepare for Kirkens Nødhjelps fasteaksjon (Norwegian Church Aid’s annual fundraising campaign) that we’re having this coming Tuesday – and to prepare for a youth service today (as part of their Confirmant year here in our local Lutheran churches). To keep 32 youths active and happy for 5.5 hours does take some energy, to put it mildly, but we have the best youths so they really were good campers. Sometimes I wonders how much they learn, but hope that something of all I say and all we do stays with them. If nothing more:  that they are loved by God (and us) just as they are.

MT got to spend his Saturday with uncle O and family, so he was over the top happy. It was such a nice and warm spring day so they were outside most of the day, walking in the woods, playing games and having a barbecue. I’m so glad he got to spend his day with family when I was so covered in youths work. (Thank you so much uncle O and aunt GH. We love you!)


Today was another early morning for us. We used the Pearls of Life as the theme for our service and there were lots of details yet to prepare. So I wanted an early start to get all accomplished by the time the service started (come to think of it, that is always a goood plan! lol.) We learned about the pearls throughout the service and for each new pearl the youths lit a candle, read a text from the bible, read about that pearl and sometimes they also read a prayer. We sang plenty of songs as well and a couple of the youths played instruments. It was amazing to see and hear the youths, some had taken extra care to learn their little tasks really well – others not so much – but they all did such a good job non the less. Makes my heart warm and I hope the parents also felt really proud about their youths.

The God Pearl

After the service we gathered together to eat cake and talk for a little while. So grateful for those working in the kitchen this day! There were a lot of great conversations going on around the tables. A lot of happy Sunday smiles.

pizza by the lake

View of the Lake

from the table

Then I had a few (many) things to clear away and put in order for next week, so it got pretty late before we were ready to head back home. After a quick look at the time I asked MT if he was up for a pizza? He was. Especially for a pizza with lots of chili ;) So we placed our order and went in to pick it up a little bit later. We decided to eat the food outside, since this too was a nice and warm summer day (although not as sunny as yesterday). So we brought the pizza with us to a table next to the water and had a nice relaxing time just enjoying the food, the company and (later) MT got to throw rocks in the water – his favorite thing (at least to do when he is by water of any kind…). I’m so glad that we took time to do this in place of rushing home. This gave us some time together. I got to be outside. And I really weren’t up to the whole making-dinner-thing anyway after such a full day. The pizza was good too – and so were the company! :D

letting it go

looking for another rock to throw

the splashing of a rock

When we got home MT started drawing. I think he kept going for almost an hour and never asked to go and  see some TV instead. I’m so happy for his drawing, because it makes him slow down and reflect. It gives him a way to express himself as well as a time to gather some energy. And I, I went for the computer. Like a total geek ;) And hopefully I get I got this post posted by the end of the day….. I’m so grateful for that the blogging thing is back in my life.

Wish you all a blessed Sunday!

The Football Cup

He’s been waiting for this weekend to come for a long time. The last week he counted the days and got more and more excited as Saturday drew closer. And when we left he was all smiles, even though we had to drive quite a bit before we got there (and mom had to stop by the office to do something at work before we went – as usual..).

football cup

We got there almost too late and it took us some time to figure out the ins and outs of the sports hall where the football (soccer) cup were. We tried to find a place for him to change into the team clothes, but ended up changing them right there in the middle of the crowd – he wasn’t too happy about that, but it went fast and he got over it. As soon as I had tied his laces he left to play with his team.

running for the ball

And play they did. Match after match. By the end of the weekend they had twelve matches down. They played well, but so did the other teams, so mostly they lost – but a few they won. I’m thankful that it didn’t matter much to them; the matches were fun as long as they got a goal in now and then. And MT told me that the best part of the game was to tackle the other players, trying to get the ball for the team.

team spirit

It was fun to see how much he has grown as a player since last year. Now he isn’t afraid to go after the ball himself, now he runs like the wind and are all over the place most of the time (last year, and especially his first match, he just cheered the others on while jumping up and down himself staying put in one place).

only one more match to go

As much as he loved the football bit of the weekend, he also loved that we stayed at a hotel with a huge indoor swimming pool. This guy loves water – and now he can’t wait for next year to come around because then we (maybe) can stay for another night in the hotel and spend even more time in the pool. We’ll see. Right now it’s good to be at home, not driving anywhere.

When we left the sports hall and started our drive home I asked him if he had a good weekend. He answered

“Yes. But next time you are going to be there for me!”.

It’s not always easy being the pastor’s son when it comes to the weekends. He had a good time with his friends while I went back home to have a service in our church, I know it went okay and that he got to go to the pool as well as play football. But I know he also needed me to be there – for him. So next year I’m going to do my best not to plan as badly as this year. I think my car will thank me as well, 4 hours less driving is also a nice though.


MT winter

We spent the last part of our weekend with family at my parents farm. My mom was feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday, but the rest of us had some fun together. By Sunday morning my mom felt a lot better (looked better as well) and made us all some delicious Sunday dinner.

We spent a good part of the Sunday outside and I took some photos (off course). It was a bit cold, so I was afraid for my camera – but it seemed to go okay and it still works as normal.

perfect stop watch out, here I come..

winter brother my brother and his son by caravan

white trees and path winter trees, path and a brother

going up train SIL taking a perfect swing

I got over! red and white

I look forward to live here at the farm some day, but I really do wonder how I’m going to make a living of it. As it is now my dad barely breakes even and my he has worked as a full-time teacher as well as being a farmer. I’m not sure if I have the energy to do that (having a full-time job AND doing the farm work) – I only know that I need some money to pay for things…. Hm…

winter life on the farm

a nice long weekend

Note! I wrote this a week ago, but never published it.
I’ve added the photos and finally, here it is ;) The long weekend is August 14th – 18th, 2008.

It’s not long since I came back from vacation, but it was so good to have the weekend + a couple of days, free, last week. Days that we spent with our friend, family and IKEA ;)

Thursday we chilled out at home. Or that was the plan. I had a few scrap pages to finish and it took, off course, much longer time to finish than anticipated. (I don’t know why I still think that it will only go an hour doing a page?!?!?) Suddenly (to me) we were late, so I tried to finish my scrap while cooking dinner and packing at the same time. MT got to eat the dinner all alone with me running around trying to remember the important stuff. LOL. Then we just had to run because the bus was coming; we ran down and got there right on time. Puh! But the bus was late; if I knew I could have remembered to bring underwear for MT, or a t-shirt, or unplugged the laptop! (I’m so glad there wasn’t thunder storm that day)….. but didn’t dare to walk up again since the bus could come any time. And it did, after a 15 minutes wait or so. I ate my cold dinner at the bus.

waiting for the bus waiting for the bus Driving by Bø with bus

My mom collected us from the bus and drove us the short trip home to the farm. Soon my friend Bea came as well and we enjoyed the evening together (at least, we all enjoyed it after Bea and dad fixed her car). As if this wasn’t company enough, my brother and family suddenly came by with their caravan (to place on the hill behind the farm house; best view in town ;)). MT had so much fun with his cousins and we adults chatted away; we even went for a little nightly walk.

The farm; the view The farm; apple trees MT at the farm

Friday we woke up early. All of us tired. But thrilled (that goes for the adult), this was the going-to-IKEA day :D I think it’s over a year since last time, and I missed it so much. Fun to go with my friend too! MT didn’t find IKEA that funny, but he loved the play room and found himself a nice new animal.

me and my crock me and my crock me and my crock

The funniest thing was MT falling asleep while we looked around, I don’t know how he managed to sleep like this – but he sure did!

Sleeping beauty Sleeping beauty

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things & stuff (in the life of a youth pastor)

Edit: now I only have 1 problem…. kind off

I’m planning a big Confirmant-year opening this weekend. So far I think there is 16 youths that have joined in. This weekend we are going to get to know each other and their parents/family is also invited to a bit of it. Hopefully the weather will hold so we can barbecue by the church as planned :D

There is, at this point, only two one problems:

  1. I can’t find any adults that wants to spend the night with us, I don’t know of anybody to ask either. :( And even though the youths might be nice and all, I really would want us to be 2 adult present.
  2. There is, off course, a soccer cup this weekend and many of the youths would rather be there.

Now I’m tossing and turning to find a way to make this weekend happen. Or else we might have to cansel the sleeping over part, and I so don’t want that! This year I plan to have a course for the “old” confirmants to teach them how to be a camp leader, so that might help in the long term run of things. But in the short term there is so few to choose from!

The farm; apples
These apples remind me of taking time to let things grow……

Right now I’m home doing a bit of house keeping, soon I’ll head down to the office for a short while to send some mail and try to figure out how to make a email newspaper. ;) Please help me if you know how!

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