Tuesday – Week in the Life

Tuesday – Week in the Life

My day looked like this:
witl17tuesday-1 witl17tuesday-2 witl17tuesday-3 witl17tuesday-4 witl17tuesday-5 witl17tuesday-6 witl17tuesday-7 witl17tuesday-8 witl17tuesday-9 witl17tuesday-10 witl17tuesday-11 witl17tuesday-12 witl17tuesday-13 witl17tuesday-14 witl17tuesday-15 witl17tuesday-16 witl17tuesday-17 witl17tuesday-20 witl17tuesday-18 witl17tuesday-19 witl17tuesday-21

Today was my day off from work and I throughly enjoyed it! From the slow breakfast, book reading and coffee at my kitchen table I set the tone for the day; nothing to fast pacing or to stressful. And mostly my day went like that. I was happy to be alone in the house and on the farm. Ferdinand, our dog, followed me around, but no other humans but me for several hours. Bliss.

I did the laundry and loved hanging them up outside. A few rain showers kept running close to the mountains, but never found the way to us. It was warm in the sunshine, but still quite chilly in the air. I took some time to capture a few of the things growing outside right now, it’s still early spring around here, but we have rhubarb, garlic, walkabout onion and crocus as of now.

In the early evening I drove MT and a couple of his team mates to fotball practice. I brought dinner in a cup and ate in the car, while reading. Then I went on a walk in the neighborhood. I’ve never walked there before and had fun capturing both small and grand sightings. The smell and sound by the water fall was my absolute favorite thing. So glad I didn’t stay put in my car while I waited for the boys.

I took 145 photos, but many of them just different version of the ones chosen, I liked 36 and narrowed it down to 21(23*) to share (*I have two photos of MT and his friends not suitable for the blog). It was a good photo day. I’ve taken a few photos with my phone as well, but I’m keeping those for Instagram uploads.

I’m planning on seeing a few videos from You Tubers that I like keeping up with, like the one below, and then I’m going to bed, almost midnight again. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday – Week in the Life

Monday – Week in the Life

Our day looked like this:
witl17monday-1 witl17monday-2 witl17monday-3 witl17monday-4 witl17monday-5 witl17monday-6 witl17monday-7 witl17monday-8 witl17monday-9 witl17monday-10 witl17monday-11 witl17monday-12 witl17monday-13 witl17monday-14 witl17monday-15 witl17monday-16 witl17monday-17 witl17monday-18 witl17monday-19 witl17monday-20

This morning we woke up to a tiny layer of snow, it melted away, but there was a chill in the air all day long. I used the morning to eat breakfast, drink some coffee, getting ready for the day and catching up on a few blogs. And I used my big camera again, such a good feeling having it in my hand. I really like capturing our life with that camera too and not having it be all phone photos like most of the time… Anyway.

Off we went to church, MT captured a few shots from the service and I took a couple of our Easter garden. I’m so glad to see all of yellow I surround myself with in the winter/spring time. I planted a few seeds for our garden a few weeks ago; tomatoes, chili and onions. Growing well so far. I’ve had so much bad luck with the tomatoes, but I have to try again. I’ll be better at watering them this year. I hope.

MT was flying his drone and I went for a little walk in the early evening with Ferdinand, our dog, happily tagging along. So good to feel the sunlight on my face. And I love the mood of our forest. And then MT playing football against the barn wall. Such a typical spring/summer end to our day.

I took 155 photos, liked around 40 and narrowed it down to 20. It was a good photo day. I’ve taken a few photos with my phone as well, but I’m keeping those for Instagram uploads. Not photographed: our Movie night with popcorn; tomorrow he’s back at school.

I’m tired and it’s after midnight already. Good night, and thanks for stopping by!

Opening pages | WITL album 15

Hello Wednesday

Yesterday I sent off all my WEEK IN THE LIFE photos photos to be printed by Persnickety Prints. I’m eagerly anticipating my packet to arrive here in Norway, but it will likely be another 10-14 days before I can hold the actual prints in my hands. Good thing I have a lot of things to do at work (and on the farm) to keep me occupied while I wait.

I decided to print all of my favorite photos from our week, the ones I posted here during the week + a few other favorites I found on my second look through. After seeing what Annette Haring did with her intro-pages to each day I wanted to go a similar route. The photos I’m sharing here today will be on two pages in the album and placed in the front of each day. I really liked this approach.

Hello Monday Hello Tuesday Hello Thursday Hello FridayCredits all images: Messy Daily Circles by Ali Edwards // font: American Typewriter // a star to give my niece some privacy


Once the prints are here I look forward to figure out how I want my album to flow. I have a few other enlarged photos as well, and I loved how Ali Edwards glued 4×6 together and included several photos outside of the pockets in her album.

So many good ideas around this project.

This will be the first time (hopefully) were I have a finished album to put on my shelf; it feels so good after several years of trying to move from the documenting process of this (and similar projects) to a finished product without success. This time it was fun to be a part of the “group” that wrote a blog post about each of the days, I’m sure that was one of the things that helped me stay on top of things. I also felt I learned quite a lot working in Lightroom editing my photos + making collages for so many days in a row. That is a new skill to bring to my next project (like the many weeks of Pocket Scrapbooking that I would love to do from this year).

Hello Saturday

This project makes me happy and grateful, as it has done the other years I’ve done it as well. An album in my hand or not; the photos taken gives me a glimpse of how much there is to give thanks for in our everyday life where I try to embrace the imperfectness, the tiredness and the gray/black days that also are a part of it all right now.

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