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Thursday – Week in the Life

My day looked like this:

Life right now is filled to the brim with work, school, sports, reading, gardening and the everyday messes. Sometimes things just pile up. I’m trying to be okay with it and roll with the punches. Some days it works, some days it don’t. Thankfully I started my day at home with a slow pace and lots of coffee. I got a few things done at home too.

witl17thursday-2 witl17thursday-3

Another day of working and meetings. Today I’m starting in the early afternoon, which is nice, but the last meeting isn’t finished until 8 or 9 pm, so it’s going to be a long day anyhow. Photos in the car as I leave home. My first stop is the store to buy some lunch, then I’m off to the office for some hours of work there.

witl17thursday-4 witl17thursday-5 witl17thursday-6 witl17thursday-7

Ready for the evening meeting.

witl17thursday-8 witl17thursday-9 witl17thursday-10

On my way back home I stop by the grocery store to fetch some milk and an easy night time dinner for me. MT have to bring something extra for school so I’m looking for some sweet buns (his choice) but I have to go to another store before I can find what he wants. I’m so tired, can’t wait to get home and relax and regroup a little.


It’s almost dark when I’m back home. Love that the days are so much lighter now, though. MT is busy preparing for school tomorrow, he has a geography test and a book presentation. Earlier today he rode his newly repaired bike to catch a ride with a friend to football practice; I think he’s going to use it a lot this spring/summer. We both have busy days and we both struggle to go to bed at a decent time. There is just so much to do, prepare and think about. And we both need some down time as well, with no agenda at all.

Today I took 30 photos with my dslr camera and only two with my phone. Most of the photos was taken on the road outside my car and in-between the stuff of my day.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope your day is good!

DITL/WITL, life | projects

Wednesday – Week in the Life

My day looked like this:
witl17wednesday-2 witl17wednesday-5 witl17wednesday-4 witl17wednesday-3 witl17wednesday-6 witl17wednesday-7 witl17wednesday-8 witl17wednesday-9 witl17wednesday-10 witl17wednesday-11 witl17wednesday-12 witl17wednesday-13 witl17wednesday-14 witl17wednesday-15

Today was a full on work day. Work, work, work. 10 hours from morning to evening. I’m no fan of these long days, but this one could not be helped. I had a nice little break around lunchtime and went to fetch MT’s bike from the service. It stood most of the summer last year with a flat back tire and this year we wanted to get it fixed sooner rather than later; So MT could use it to get around faster (not that he doesn’t run fast enough). This bike has a history of flat back tires so this time I asked them to look carefully for anything that might cause it. They found a tiny nail, removed it, fixed the tire and charged us nothing. Win, win, win. MT tried it out once he came home and are excited to be using it m u c h much more this year!

Many of my photos today is from outside church and church offices as I went on with my day going from one meeting to another. We have a huge service with lots of youths involved this coming Sunday so much to prepare and send out information about. In the evening we had Sunday school for the kids in one of our rural congregations. We took it easy, this time we prioritized time to play and celebrate together.

After work I drove back to catch the last few minutes of MT’s second football match of the season. Sorry to have missed most of it, they played really well and won 5 to 1. For us rural living people it’s kind of fun to beat the city folks in sports. Quite a few of the other parents came by me to tell me how nice MT played, so good to hear, I’m glad many of them told him as well. Proud mama moment.

I’m also glad this day started with a photo of MT and ended with a photo of him as well. Some days we hardly see each other because of school, sports and my work – and most days he’s not happy to be in front of the camera any more either. Usually he’s up before me in the morning and finished with his breakfast before I start mine, today I captured him just before he got up after eating his daily breakfast of rolled oats + milk.

In the morning there were some frost on the ground and beautiful sunshiny weather. In the evening the clouds rolled in and the weather got a tiny bit warmer.

I took 58 photos, but many of them just different version of the ones chosen, I narrowed it down to 14 to share. It was another good photo day, loving this project of capturing our days for a week. I’ve taken a few photos with my phone as well, but I’m keeping those for Instagram uploads.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thursday is already well on it’s way around here, so far really calm and relaxing. I a little hour I’m off to work for my afternoon + evening work day. Hope your day is good!

DITL/WITL, life | projects

Tuesday – Week in the Life

My day looked like this:
witl17tuesday-1 witl17tuesday-2 witl17tuesday-3 witl17tuesday-4 witl17tuesday-5 witl17tuesday-6 witl17tuesday-7 witl17tuesday-8 witl17tuesday-9 witl17tuesday-10 witl17tuesday-11 witl17tuesday-12 witl17tuesday-13 witl17tuesday-14 witl17tuesday-15 witl17tuesday-16 witl17tuesday-17 witl17tuesday-20 witl17tuesday-18 witl17tuesday-19 witl17tuesday-21

Today was my day off from work and I throughly enjoyed it! From the slow breakfast, book reading and coffee at my kitchen table I set the tone for the day; nothing to fast pacing or to stressful. And mostly my day went like that. I was happy to be alone in the house and on the farm. Ferdinand, our dog, followed me around, but no other humans but me for several hours. Bliss.

I did the laundry and loved hanging them up outside. A few rain showers kept running close to the mountains, but never found the way to us. It was warm in the sunshine, but still quite chilly in the air. I took some time to capture a few of the things growing outside right now, it’s still early spring around here, but we have rhubarb, garlic, walkabout onion and crocus as of now.

In the early evening I drove MT and a couple of his team mates to fotball practice. I brought dinner in a cup and ate in the car, while reading. Then I went on a walk in the neighborhood. I’ve never walked there before and had fun capturing both small and grand sightings. The smell and sound by the water fall was my absolute favorite thing. So glad I didn’t stay put in my car while I waited for the boys.

I took 145 photos, but many of them just different version of the ones chosen, I liked 36 and narrowed it down to 21(23*) to share (*I have two photos of MT and his friends not suitable for the blog). It was a good photo day. I’ve taken a few photos with my phone as well, but I’m keeping those for Instagram uploads.

I’m planning on seeing a few videos from You Tubers that I like keeping up with, like the one below, and then I’m going to bed, almost midnight again. Thanks for stopping by!

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