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Thursday – Week in the Life

My day looked like this:

Life right now is filled to the brim with work, school, sports, reading, gardening and the everyday messes. Sometimes things just pile up. I’m trying to be okay with it and roll with the punches. Some days it works, some days it don’t. Thankfully I started my day at home with a slow pace and lots of coffee. I got a few things done at home too.

witl17thursday-2 witl17thursday-3

Another day of working and meetings. Today I’m starting in the early afternoon, which is nice, but the last meeting isn’t finished until 8 or 9 pm, so it’s going to be a long day anyhow. Photos in the car as I leave home. My first stop is the store to buy some lunch, then I’m off to the office for some hours of work there.

witl17thursday-4 witl17thursday-5 witl17thursday-6 witl17thursday-7

Ready for the evening meeting.

witl17thursday-8 witl17thursday-9 witl17thursday-10

On my way back home I stop by the grocery store to fetch some milk and an easy night time dinner for me. MT have to bring something extra for school so I’m looking for some sweet buns (his choice) but I have to go to another store before I can find what he wants. I’m so tired, can’t wait to get home and relax and regroup a little.


It’s almost dark when I’m back home. Love that the days are so much lighter now, though. MT is busy preparing for school tomorrow, he has a geography test and a book presentation. Earlier today he rode his newly repaired bike to catch a ride with a friend to football practice; I think he’s going to use it a lot this spring/summer. We both have busy days and we both struggle to go to bed at a decent time. There is just so much to do, prepare and think about. And we both need some down time as well, with no agenda at all.

Today I took 30 photos with my dslr camera and only two with my phone. Most of the photos was taken on the road outside my car and in-between the stuff of my day.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope your day is good!


Week In The Life | Thursday


I struggled today. My body felt so tired and my head hurt. I stayed in bed long after MT left for school trying to catch up a little on sleep and get rid of the headache. Glad I could. Then I sat down by our kitchen table and worked on the photos and words from yesterday. I should have been doing other things, but just could not find the energy to get up and do it. Glad I captured the words though and got the photos and post together. Since I don’t have to go to work this week (still on vacation) I want to take the time to do these posts. I just prefer to finish a bit earlier in the morning. And then go out and drink my coffee in the garden. Today I wasn’t outside until after noon. Glad for the sunshine outside when I got there. My pea’s are starting to sprout blooms. So much looking forward for them to grow into food. I planted these way to late in the season, so I have to be patient a little while more. Glad I eventually got them into the ground. Them and the potatoes.


I try to take at least one photo of where I stand each day this week. Some days there are several photos. Usually I take this with my phone. I want to have a visually reminder of where I go and where I’ve been. Glad I’m up on my feet and have no trouble getting around.

MT picked up the camera for one shot today:


Glad he did.

We went super easy with dinner today. And when the bacon and eggs (boiled for MT, fried for me) were finished I forgot to add the greens. Tomorrow I’ll do better with the greens. Glad we bought a couple of packets with bacon on the ferry (back home from Denmark last Sunday, I hope to share more photos from that adventure later), it is the good kind.

WITL15_thursday-blog-2 WITL15_thursday-blog-3

After dinner I drove MT to soccer practice, I went back home and took a cup of coffee with me outside. A book as well. The vegetable gardener’s guide to Permaculture, such and interesting read – although dad shakes his head about all my ideas. Glad I took the time to sit down and read a little.


I brought my camera as I picked MT up. This was his third practice in four days. The football (soccer) is getting serious. I’m so glad he has a sport that makes him happy. I’m also glad he let me take his picture in the car all sweaty and energetic from being with his team mates. I even got into the photos there a little.

WITL15_thursday-blog-8 WITL15_thursday-blog-5 WITL15_thursday-blog-6 WITL15_thursday-blog-7

When we got home I pulled my self together, put on my sneakers and went into the woods for a walk/jog. Ferdinand our dog came with me. I took it slowly, the main thing was to get out there again. I mean to do this every other day, but I don’t actually do it that often. The forest makes me happy. Glad I got out there tonight.

WITL15_thursday-blog-12 WITL15_thursday-blog-13

My dad have brought out the harvester. Glad to hear the sound of it and for dad telling me it is working as it should. I did work on my photos (and some of my words) in the evening, then I went to bed before midnight. Glad my mattress is a good one. Good night!


Thanks for coming by my little online world today! How are your day going?

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