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Out skiing on a sunny day

Daily Instagram | Cheering
MT have been waiting for a long time for his mama to take him to the local ski center. Off course he wanted to practice his skills and learn something new. He’s already pretty good at the Nordic skiing thing, but alpine skiing of the down hill kind is something he’s only done once before and back then he opted for the snowboard and was only in one short track where he had to walk up after sliding down (over and over again).

Daily Instagram | Getting the hang of it

This time it was different. With money in hand he paid for his very own – and very first – lift ticket. He did not ski the whole hill, he found it a bit too long and steep (maybe next time), and stayed where his mama could see him. It did not take him long to get used to it thought, and after a few falls he mastered it pretty well. He was a happy camper on the way back home, and the thought about going back to the hills next week made him all smiles.

Daily Instagram | Skiing

Maybe there is a good thing that the spring is still not apparent around here?!?

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White Frost

@ My Place Right Now

It so white and beautiful outside right now. It’s not yet snow, but the cold weather we’re having the last few days have covered everything in ice crystals and rime. I love it and it makes our early dark afternoon so much lighter too.

Today I’ve been to our old house to get a few things. It is like walking down memory line to be there, I still love the house – but it feels like it belonged to so long ago…. and in a way that is what it does. I’m so glad for where we are right now, for the changes we had to make to live a happier life – but there is also something good that was left behind. Something I wish we still had.

Love this familiar view. Used to be my home.

Apparently I feel a little moody tonight. So glad I have a webinar with Katrina Kennedy to attend in the middle of the night (yep, I do that kind of crazy things every now and then) – listening to photo talk for an hour will make me so much more happier. And maybe I also can find some sollutions for the low light situation we have going here. I sure miss the sunlight during the winter (for four months the sun doesn’t shine on our house because of the low sun and a hill to the south of us. Not a fan of that!).

So how are your day going?

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Random me

Morning by the river

Just a few words from me in the middle of the night, as I sit here in my kitchen not wanting to go to bed. I’m so happy my dad came by with some more fire wood the other day, I love having (at least) one good warm room in the house!

Today, after church, we went by to visit my brother and his family. Just because it’s been a while since we last saw them and because we had a couple of hours to spend not sitting in front om the computer screen 😀 I’m so glad they where all at home and for catching up a little bit with them. They are in the middle of remodeling their kitchen and it was fun to see it in real life (and not just from photos). I wish I had time and energy to swing by them more often, though. And I know for a fact that MT does as well. Oh, well, they’ll never know when we’ll come knocking on the door next. Maybe soon, maybe later….

Lately life have been kind of busy, we’ve also been a bit sick and have had a few struggles. It seems like things are settling down now, though, and I’m really glad about that. Being sick just takes too much time, and since most of my work doesn’t get done when I’m sick, I have a lot to get through when I’m finally back at it. I’m still not caught up after being sick in the beginning of October – and it drives me completely nuts!

A few days ago (almost a week, to be honest) we got our second downpour of snow this season. MT was thrilled (even though he also mentioned looking forward to summer. LOL.) – and before I knew it he was out and about and ready to go skiing. I don’t think it was all that easy, the snow layer was a bit thin, but he got to try it out and that was all he wanted. Since that night we’ve gotten even more snow, so it’s a beautiful winter land outside our door step. And I love it too, for the time being (I’m not being this supportive of winter come February…), and since the sun isn’t shining on our house during the winter months, the snow gives at least something light to look out on. Only it feels a bit cold around here now.

This is really a random not well thought through post. Oh, well, it’s just a snapshot of the chaos my head is I guess 🙂 Sorry about that! I haven’t been blogging for a while and it is just fun to throw a few words together sending it out to you. Thank you so much for reading them all! 😀


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