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MT is on his way to school. He’s taking the bus from down by the road every morning.


I made myself a salad for lunch. With left over hard boiled egg and garlic. Delicious.

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The fall work at the farm have started a little. I spent a couple of hours on a field today and guess there will be a bit more in the coming weeks. It’s still my dad that is the farmer, but I try to help when I can.


I usually bring with me a book when I sit down for a cup of coffee. Lately it’s been farm related books. I have much to learn.


MT found a larva on his way home today. Such a strange looking thing. We found out it was called Deilephila elpenor and becomes a pinkish butterfly next spring.

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In the evening I sat outside with a cup of tea as the sun started to set. I wanted to capture some of all that is growing around me in my garden and the orchard. Here are the sunchokes, the carrots, the (second year = setting seeds) kale, the apples and the old trees.

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And some yellow to make the day complete 🙂 My mom’s yellow flowers spreads like weed, but they are beautiful. Trying to contain them to one place. Still in progress.

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Thanks for coming by my little online world today! How are your day going?

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