Friday – Week in the Life

Friday – Week in the Life

Our day looked like this:
witl17friday-1 witl17friday-2 witl17friday-3 witl17friday-4 witl17friday-5 witl17friday-6

Today was a short work day and I worked from home preparing for this weekend and the week ahead. So much going on right now. I also got some news that made me think. I brought my cup of coffee outside and helped my dad loading grain on the hanger. It was good staying put and not go anywhere.

We had strong wind on and off all day. I put up a new clothes line, but was almost afraid it might tear as the laundry flapped loudly around me.


In the evening there was another football match for MT, this week is filled with football it seems. The team they played was really good and they did not stand a chance, but they worked hard anyway. Before the match started I stayed in the car drinking my coffee, later I went for a little walk around the arena with a audiobook in my ears. It was sunny, but so so cold in the wind.


Our car got clean while we relaxed. I should do this more often, but glad I got it done today.

witl17friday_mob-2 witl17friday_mob-3 witl17friday_mob-4

The sun set as we drove back home.


Sometimes I drink turmeric + tea in the evening. Love the yellow color.


Today I took 21 photos with my dslr camera, 7 of them have you seen above. I didn’t bring my big camera to the match since it rained when we left. I took a few photos with my phone and I included my favorite ones here.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope your day is good!

Week In The Life | Friday


MT is on his way to school. He’s taking the bus from down by the road every morning.


I made myself a salad for lunch. With left over hard boiled egg and garlic. Delicious.

WITL15_friday-blog-2 WITL15_friday-blog-4

The fall work at the farm have started a little. I spent a couple of hours on a field today and guess there will be a bit more in the coming weeks. It’s still my dad that is the farmer, but I try to help when I can.


I usually bring with me a book when I sit down for a cup of coffee. Lately it’s been farm related books. I have much to learn.


MT found a larva on his way home today. Such a strange looking thing. We found out it was called Deilephila elpenor and becomes a pinkish butterfly next spring.

WITL15_friday-blog-13 WITL15_friday-blog-12 WITL15_friday-blog-14

In the evening I sat outside with a cup of tea as the sun started to set. I wanted to capture some of all that is growing around me in my garden and the orchard. Here are the sunchokes, the carrots, the (second year = setting seeds) kale, the apples and the old trees.

WITL15_friday-blog-7 WITL15_friday-blog-8 WITL15_friday-blog-9 WITL15_friday-blog-20 WITL15_friday-blog-10 WITL15_friday-blog-11 WITL15_friday-blog-15 WITL15_friday-blog-17 WITL15_friday-blog-18 WITL15_friday-blog-19 WITL15_friday-blog-16

And some yellow to make the day complete 🙂 My mom’s yellow flowers spreads like weed, but they are beautiful. Trying to contain them to one place. Still in progress.

WITL15_friday-blog-21 WITL15_friday-blog-22

Thanks for coming by my little online world today! How are your day going?

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