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Tuesday – Week in the Life

My day looked like this:
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Today was my day off from work and I throughly enjoyed it! From the slow breakfast, book reading and coffee at my kitchen table I set the tone for the day; nothing to fast pacing or to stressful. And mostly my day went like that. I was happy to be alone in the house and on the farm. Ferdinand, our dog, followed me around, but no other humans but me for several hours. Bliss.

I did the laundry and loved hanging them up outside. A few rain showers kept running close to the mountains, but never found the way to us. It was warm in the sunshine, but still quite chilly in the air. I took some time to capture a few of the things growing outside right now, it’s still early spring around here, but we have rhubarb, garlic, walkabout onion and crocus as of now.

In the early evening I drove MT and a couple of his team mates to fotball practice. I brought dinner in a cup and ate in the car, while reading. Then I went on a walk in the neighborhood. I’ve never walked there before and had fun capturing both small and grand sightings. The smell and sound by the water fall was my absolute favorite thing. So glad I didn’t stay put in my car while I waited for the boys.

I took 145 photos, but many of them just different version of the ones chosen, I liked 36 and narrowed it down to 21(23*) to share (*I have two photos of MT and his friends not suitable for the blog). It was a good photo day. I’ve taken a few photos with my phone as well, but I’m keeping those for Instagram uploads.

I’m planning on seeing a few videos from You Tubers that I like keeping up with, like the one below, and then I’m going to bed, almost midnight again. Thanks for stopping by!


Week In The Life | Tuesday

WITL15_tuesday-blog-2 WITL15_tuesday-blog-1

I spent the day at home, doing a little bit of everything; this and that. Not very productive, but I got a few things off my plate non the less. I felt very tired most of the day so I decided to go to bed early in the evening (witch I off course failed to do, so as I’m typing this I’m still tired. Kind of stupid of me. Maybe an early night tonight?!).

tuesday WITL15 - collection 1

Most mornings starts with me eating breakfast, a slice of bread with cheese or rolled oats and milk, then I take my vitamins and lastly I brew my first cup of coffee. Lately I’ve been using a brewer from bodum. It took some getting used to it and finding the right amount of water/coffee, but now I’m getting the hang of it. I use the leftovers in my garden. Most mornings I drink my coffee outside, that’s my favorite. If I have time I bring a book with me or I just watch and listen to the nature around me and think of the day ahead or any other topic that drops into my head.


Lately there have been a boom of wild berries in the forest and around our farm. I’m not very good at picking them, but I should get at least some in because I love eating them.


I needed to go into the barn and fell in love with the tiny bit of light in there.


My garden is finally blossoming. It’s been so cold this year so this has taken for ever. Guess I have to take the tomato plants inside if I ever want to see finished tomatoes on them, though. I soon need to cover them up in the night too, it’s getting a tiny bit colder I think.

WITL15_tuesday-blog-6 WITL15_tuesday-blog-7

I ordered new seeds for the next season and garlic to put down in the garden later this fall. It was fun to dream a little about what to grow next. I got some chilies and hope I can grow them here. I love chili and garlic in my food. I got some spinach for MT, he loves that.


Lots of papers coming from the school these first days of the fall semester. MT captured a couple of photos while we went through them.

tuesday WITL15 - collection2

MT needed some new shoe laces for his football (soccer) boots. I think the neon yellow was just the right choice! So off he went on his bike. I’m so glad he loves to be active and he’s getting so strong from all his practices with the team.

WITL15_tuesday-blog-9 WITL15_tuesday-blog-10

In the evening I tested the rye crops to see if it was ready for harvesting soon. It is. So any time now we need to start the harvester and get on with it. We have some fall planting to do as well. We’re growing more of this old kind of rye next year, it works well on our land and it fights weed in a good way. The Norwegian word for it is: Svedjerug, I’m not sure what it is called in English. It’s beautiful to look at and have such tall straw. Now that we have bought a mill I look forward to grind some of this to flour later this fall.

WITL15_tuesday-blog-11 WITL15_tuesday-blog-12 WITL15_tuesday-blog-13

Lastly this grasshopper was rather cool and green. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one this big. Nature is rad!


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