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Monday – Week in the Life

Our day looked like this:
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This morning we woke up to a tiny layer of snow, it melted away, but there was a chill in the air all day long. I used the morning to eat breakfast, drink some coffee, getting ready for the day and catching up on a few blogs. And I used my big camera again, such a good feeling having it in my hand. I really like capturing our life with that camera too and not having it be all phone photos like most of the time… Anyway.

Off we went to church, MT captured a few shots from the service and I took a couple of our Easter garden. I’m so glad to see all of yellow I surround myself with in the winter/spring time. I planted a few seeds for our garden a few weeks ago; tomatoes, chili and onions. Growing well so far. I’ve had so much bad luck with the tomatoes, but I have to try again. I’ll be better at watering them this year. I hope.

MT was flying his drone and I went for a little walk in the early evening with Ferdinand, our dog, happily tagging along. So good to feel the sunlight on my face. And I love the mood of our forest. And then MT playing football against the barn wall. Such a typical spring/summer end to our day.

I took 155 photos, liked around 40 and narrowed it down to 20. It was a good photo day. I’ve taken a few photos with my phone as well, but I’m keeping those for Instagram uploads. Not photographed: our Movie night with popcorn; tomorrow he’s back at school.

I’m tired and it’s after midnight already. Good night, and thanks for stopping by!

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