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Another week tagging along with Xhante and Andrea for their third installment of color//colour lovers. Yellow is one of my favorite colors during winter time. It makes me happy and optimistic! I think I need even more of it in my life. Here are my finds this week.

yellow flower yellow Evening stroll

This week (starting Monday 2th) we are searching for pink. Why don’t you join us?!
You can find me on instagram here. Remember to tag your photos with #colorcolourlovers.

and there was a cup of coffee (Credits: photo templates and word-art in this post made by Paislee Press.)

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Mom’s yellow flowers

Mom's yellow flowers Mom' yellow flowers | 3 Mom's yellow flowers | 2 Mom' yellow flowers | 1 Mom's yellow flowers | 5

My mom says that these flowers almost always gets knocked down by wind and rain right after they bloom. I think she is right. This year it only took a few nights before most of them were closer to the ground than the sky. So glad I got this little collection of photos before that. It was rain in the air, and windy too, as I shot them. Guess I was right on time.

Yellow makes me happy.

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my energy is back

yellow cup

It feels so good being back in the world of the non-sick again 😉 I though I should remain in this low-energy sick-feeling state for a long time; because it felt like I never quite got better. But then I suddenly did. Today. Hurray! I’m still coughing and I still have the odd headache. But it’s better and I feel the energy is coming back to me. I can do stuff now (if not all on that terribly long to-do list…) and walk faster. Good. But now I have to sleep a little. Hopefully this will last, tomorrow is another busy day. Night!

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